Question of the day?

Who controls our facilities?


2/12/2018: Howard Runk asked Terry Silva for permission to use the projector in the club house today for a fishing presentation and she said no. No explanation. 

Barb Bruce kicked a few teenagers out of the clubhouse pool room, the rules say anyone over 12, these were teenagers, who says who can use what?

Who are you?


Who is Aubrey F. Marks from North Carolina? 

When Did the Engineering Committee Meet?

How did our BOD issue an RFP for an  Engineering study, when the Engineering committee hasn't met for months? Who decided on what to have bid?

Current Board of Directors

How many of the current board members were elected?

Did you know only 2 were elected...your president & Ms. Bruce appointed the other 3, but your president just said to a resident at the BOD meeting on 2/11/2019, you elected the board when asked was that really transparent? 

Boat Dock

Did you know the Original Board after the turnover was offered $1,000,000.00 to walk away from the Boat Dock and residents were never told. BOD members at the time said " we do not have a moral obligation to advise the residents"


Did you realize the numbers do not even add up in the budget presented?  Check the math...

We have a $200K carryover, yet the BOD raised our fees! 

Resident Info Requests

Florida State Statute


As a parcel owner and member of the homeowner’s association and pursuant to Florida Statutes §720.303(5), the undersigned hereby requests to inspect and copy the following official records of the Association.

Some residents have no trouble getting documents, others have to go to the association attorney, which costs us all, why such different rules, and if the  records are by LAW available, does this BOD try and hinder selected people from viewing documents that the Florida statutes say we have rights to? You be the judge..


Legal Expenses PRIOR to any 720 Info Requests

Looks like the BOD started heated exchanges with the Heuther's in September 2018. Might be the reason the Boat Ramp property is being donated to the County!

Did you know?

Original Camera System

 Did you know on February 17, 2016 homeowners within  MRE  offered to the MRE Board president, Mike Geml that they would donate the first $1,000 for the cameras, and those residents also had a company offer a bid to the camera RFP committee for less then $20,000, yet your committee suggested to that BOD and the BOD awarded the work to a company with a expenditure in excess of $60,000, and they always spoke of transparency.

Oddly enough, the homeowners that offered the $1,000 were never contacted back, nor was that communicated to the other Moody residents!

That original camera system has been torn out and replaced recently with a system we now lease, and if you recall, just last year, former BOD member Gene Mitchell in his passionate way at a BOD meeting stated " there is nothing wrong with the system we got now" and here we just replaced the $60,000 system, with one we lease  , and trashed the less then 3 year old one.  DID you know, the new system cannot monitor the satellite pool, there is a camera there, but cannot view in Traffic control (guard house) .  Why didn't we just augment the old system with more cameras and license plate readers?  Is this BOD using your money prudently?


New Doc's Concerns & Voting Interests

Central Voting Rep makes great point.


On Feb 19, 2019, at 1:52 AM, ROBERT GELTNER <> wrote:

Date: 2-19-19, Time: 1:21 a.m.

TO:     Board of Directors (Please copy attorney for board.)


SUBJECT:  Proposed Amendments to Governing Documents

I am the Voting Representative for Moody River Estates Central Single Family Home Neighborhood Committee consisting of 230 single family homes (more or less).

As I read our governing documents as amended, in order to amend our governing documents sixty-six and two-thirds percent of the votes cast by the eleven (11) Voting Representatives will be needed to approve any amendments.

At this time, I am personally unable to vote to approve any amendments until I receive adequate written explanation of all sections of existing documents that have been added, deleted or re-worded.  The format that was sent to me, while technically permitted by Florida law, is inadequate to fully apprise homeowners of the nature and extent of the amendments being proposed.  The preferred format for amendments is to underline new language and strike through language proposed to be deleted.  (I know Florida law allows a way around this, but I think we should do a better job for our homeowners.

Additionally, as a result of the issues we had with prior members of our board of directors which required the intervention of Voting Representatives to cancel a multi-million dollar contract for cable television and internet services, I am unwilling to support any amendments to governing documents that changes the role of Voting Representatives.

In order to perform my due diligence as a Voting Representative and obtain the information I will need to discuss with the 230 homeowners in our Neighborhood, I will need additional information from the board and our association attorney.

I respectfully request that you and association counsel review the attachment and provide necessary responses.

Thank you.

Robert Geltner

Voting Representative



Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2019 2:15 PM
Cc: Patti Wachter <>; Melissa Cross <>; Lance Little <>; Kathy Kramer <>; John Mahlbacher <>; Darrell Lassonde <>; Jteckorius <>;;;;;; Steve Bushko <>;; North Star Manager <>;; Tamara Greider <>;;;;;

I hope someone asks the association attorney the following questions tonight. I am sure there are many more to be asked as well.

Questions for Attorney at Town Hall Meeting February 19, 2019

1 A request was made to management for a list of the current 11 Voting Representatives along with the name of their neighborhood, their telephone numbers, mailing and E-Mail addresses. This list has not yet been provided. Would you help us get management and the board to provide this information to me within the next 72 hours?
2 Are you aware of any committee, group, or individuals who were requested by the board to provide to you ideas about possible changes to our governing documents?
3 Would you please let us homeowners know with whom you may have discussed amending our governing documents, at any time prior to your completing your proposals?
4 Would you please let us know who it was that asked you to remove references to Voting Representatives and change the manner in which “voting interests” are defined in these documents?
5 Did anyone provide you with a written list of changes they wanted you to incorporate in the proposed amendments?
6 If yes, who?
7 If yes, will you provide me copies of the written documents you received?
8 If yes, when? If not, why not?
9 Why is the office of Moody River Estates Community Association, Inc. being changed from our clubhouse (3050 Moody Boulevard) to a distant address?
10 Why is our association agent being changed to someone whose name we have never heard of?
11 Do you a set of our existing governing documents that incorporate the language form the original documents and then containing all of the approved amendments from 2004 to present?
12 Do you a set of our existing governing documents with all approved amendments which then shows all proposed language being added to the documents underlined?
13 Do you a set of our existing governing documents with all approved amendments which then shows all proposed language being proposed for deletion showing those deletions in “strike through” format, like this? (This may not show up as stricken through if sent via e-mail)
14 Would you please let us know how many hours were spent by you and any associates or paralegals on these proposed revisions and the rate at which you and your staff are billing per hour? What is the total bill to date for these proposed amendments?
15 Do you have a set of governing documents (Declaration, Articles & Bylaws) adopted by any other homeowner’s association in Florida which you believe contains provisions which you believe adopt the “best practices” and are consistent with current Florida statutory, regulatory and case law?
16 Do you have a set of board policies adopted by any other homeowner’s association in Florida which you believe contains provisions which you believe adopt the “best practices” and are consistent with current Florida statutory, regulatory and case law?

Bob Geltner
Voting Rep Central Single Family Homes Neighborhood Committee


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